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I love the Koodo app. It's great for checking my bill or finding out what's new at Koodo. However I think it could be SO MUCH better! It has potential to be an interactive platform for all Koododos (Koodo clients). The community page makes you leave the app, what if you stayed in the app with discussion boards and what's trending at Koodo. And have a game section, each month let Koododos play a game that's hot for free through the app. Get them hooked and they'll go buy it after the month is up. It's an opportunity for Koodo to invest a little in their clients and their clients to return the favour. I think you always get back what you give. Their is no Koodo without Koododos. I am a proud Koododo! What other service provider listens to their clients needs and meets them on a regular basis? Koodo allows me to keep in contact with friends and family. I'm happy to count Koodo among those ranks.

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