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Informing customers that new devices & /or Plans available through Text

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People are constantly asking the community when or if certain devices are coming to Koodo right. Well since many I'm sure are not on Facebook or don't come by the community to find out about new offerings I suggest sending out bulk text to customers informing them of a new device or set of plans being available. It would start with a text to each customer asking them if they would like to recieve such texts and the customer can opt in or out with the simple Y or N options. If the customer ops in they would recieve texts such as: - starting today the Galaxy Note 4 is available at your local Koodo kiosk, if your interested in acquiring this incredible device visit your local kiosk & find out your upgrade options today. As well as device announcements customers would be alerted to new plans like such. - have your usage needs changed recently and you need a little more voice, text or data? Well Koodo has some enticing new plans available starting today, visit Koodo.Com & see if there's something that better suits your needs. I think this will help Koodo keep their customers informed and make them happy that they won't miss any new offerings while selling more devices which Koodo I'm sure is always down for. Without this customers just have to visit the website and hope they do while there's a plan that suits their needs or keep checking every day to see if the device they've been waiting for is available for purchase yet.

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