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Increase the value of plans if you increase the price. As well as look into the future!

  • 20 July 2013
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I have been with Koodo since about may 2011. I have been able to recommend koodo to my friends but now that the prices of the plans are going up with out the value increasing, I can no longer recommend koodo. As my tab is also going to be up shortly (I am still on the 10% tab even though I called a couple days ago and I was informed I would be moved to the 15% tab) I may not stay with koodo. To recommend koodo again and for me to possibly stay with koodo this is what needs to happen. 1. If the price of a plan is going up, increase the value WITH OUT PROMOTIONS! As it stands now, the prices of these plans are ridiculous for what we are paying for. 2. If (and this has already happened) the tab percentage changes move every one to the new tab with out them having to do anything. 3. Future Proofing! I don't want to hear anything about what the statistics are saying about the data usage of today, you need to look forward and understand the the internet is what people are using more and more and more and more and more. Because people are using the internet more, offer more data. But with this don't up the prices! It will lose you consumers. I know that if koodo can provide superior value over the other guys, they will get all the customers, that is if fat old cranky and power hungry Telus will allow that. Koodo was originally the value brand with commercials about working off that phone bill on a tread mill, no longer is that the real case as koodo is not providing the tread mill but providing the dread mill. I like koodo, as far as I am concerned they have a case of the hiccups, they just need to find the remedy. Lets hope this case of hiccups are not caused by a brain tumour.

7 replies

And one more thing to mention, the modo for Telus is "the future is friendly"
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You'd generally expect that if prices are raised by 10%-20% like they have been, that would be the result of either an increase in the services/features included, or because the costs associated with providing said service(s) have increased. Unfortunately that's not the case when the wireless industry is regulated the way it is in this country, and the prices are essentially dictated at will by a profit hungry 3 party oligopoly. Unfortunately, I doubt things will change for the foreseeable future as their really isn't an incentive for these carriers to change this behavior. The demand for mobile services certainly isn't going to decline and their aren't any new competitors on the immediate horizon that need to establish a customer base, which is typically done by undercutting the current providers established rates.
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Sooner or later, something will happen. We can see it already with the many cable cord-cutters. There are still not enough of them for cable companies to lower their prices (in their infinite wisdom, cable co's decided to jack up their cable pricing to make up for lost profit..... why didn't I think of that!). But, the word is out, and the mere existence of Netflix as the poster child of all alternatives proves that if there aren't enough cord-cutters to make BigCableInc move, there are enough to make competition crop up. As you continue ramping up your price to alienate your customers as much as you can, you achieve just that: alienation. People WILL drop wireless services once they notice the obscene lack of value and/or simply cannot afford to pay those prices. tl;dr Our wireless providers can only milk us so much before someone with a better idea comes along and implements it! Necessity is the mother of all inventions after all...
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Koodo will respond to the negative attention by either changing the plans, promotion plans or whatever. I think we should just wait for Koodo to respond and take action.
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I don't see any price increases on the prepaid side. In fact, the data booster fees went down for the 500MB and 1GB boosters. Perhaps Koodo will see an increase in prepaid traffic now as a result.
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In terms of postpaid, plans are going up to cover/pay for phones people need to "finance". That's exactly what the tab is - it's just financing like a bank loan. If you buy your phone outright at the beginning you have no tab/loan to pay off and you end up getting 10% to 15% reduced off your monthly services fees. Seems reasonable to me Sales of the expensive phones (iphone etc) have already started to flatline and now that the Canadian carriers are reducing their subsidies and placing all/most of the phone cost on the consumer, I expect this trend to continue. Consumers will end up forcing prices of handsets down as they cut back consumption...hurray!
Really, what koodo needs to do is increase the value of the plans that they have by alot to counteract the negativity. Thats as simple as it needs to be