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imventory App for Koodo Shops

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Many people are looking for the iphone 6 or the iphone 6 plus or could be looking for any phone of their choice. The sad part is that people are not gettting the hands on the iphone, since they are getting sold out every where now this can be the hasle of calling each and every store and asking them if they have it or not. This is a complete waste of time for both the customer and the sales rep. At this time the sales rep can maybe help someome who is at the store or answer another phone call. To improve sale of any phone and to attraft customers koodo needs to create a inventory check web page in which you can select which city you belog and which location has the phone you are looking for. This saves a lot of time and since the customer knows there is stock he or she can come and get the phone on tab. Which in then increases the amount of sale of the phones and revenue of koodo goes up. Since every persom wants to save gas and time they should easly check online weather or not the phone is avliable. Rather to stop by a koodo store and ask the sales representative on if they have the phone or not. If the people know koodo has the phone they will run to the loaction and be happy they got the phone.

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Interesting idea. I've seen a lot of businesses and big box chain retailers incorporate this feature, it's definitely a time saver. Thinking further ahead, it would be great to know which stores have stock of a certain item especially around Christmas time or any time for that matter. Saving time, money and avoiding frustration works for me. You have my vote, well done Jas.
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I want to disagree with this idea for feasibility sake, but... it makes sense!
Great idea yes it is true there needs to be a Web page in which people can check the phones if they are in stock or not. Great idea. Hope it gets notified