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Implent learning sessions for the customer who is looking for that extra help.

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I would like KOODO to start learning sessions for customers of KOODO. This idea came to me because of this idea. http://community.koodomobile.com/koodo/topics/sos-from-children-of-parents-with-a-new-phone. Jamie is 100% correct. Some customers do struggle learning their new devices. Its very tricky, it's a handheld computer that can do so much and there is so much information to be taken in on the first day of getting the new device. When we explain to the customer how to use the camera, or show them where the contact list, are they going to remember this by the time they get home? No. it's because its a new device, its tricky, and they were excited for their new device, and now they are at home clueless. Calling their relatives for guidance who sometimes themselves don't know. Usually at the end of the sale we ask them if there is anything else they would like help with, if they say no then they are on the way, sometimes coming back asking more questions about their device as they get to know it more. Sometimes customers don't have the time to go through everything because they just want the phone and they are in and out because they are on a lunch break, or they have to rush home, or rush to an appointment or work, or they have their children with them and they are cranky. We can start offering at the end of the sale learning sessions for customers who are looking for that little extra help. At the end of the sale ask them if they would be interested in a learning session, if yes, discuss a date and time and write it down on the service agreement or the KOODO shop cards and they can come back and learn everything they want about their phone without having the feeling of being rushed. 😃

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