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If koodo is shutting down evdo network and changing my service do i have to finish paying for a phone that was sold to me by koodo

I hear 3 weeks before it is going to happen evdo network is going to be shut down. Data usage from my phone will not work. koodo sold me this phone and now I cant use all the features I purchased. I still owe 70 some dollars for a phone I cant use fully. Can I give the phone back and they bring my tab to 0?

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You will probably have to pay off the rest of your tab for your phone. If you've had the phone for less than 15 days you can bring it back. I don't think they will bring your tab down by just returning your phone. Sorry to hear about that 😞
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Did you get a letter? It may not even affect you at this point Rachel http://mobilesyrup.com/2013/10/17/telus-aims-to-shut-down-its-cdma-network-in-2015/