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If I have a blackberry how much does it cost to get an iphone

I've had a blackberry curve 9320 for 2 years now but it's horrible! The camara doesn't work, the trackpad doesn't work, and it freezes way to much so I wanted to switch to an iPhone 4S instead. How much would it cost to do so?

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Well you could go on a Medium Tab and the phone would only cost 150.00 and in doing so keep your plan at an affordable rate with a simple tab add on of $5. Or you could go for a Large Tab, with a $10 add on and a Large Tab Plan and get the phone for $0. If you've had your phone for that long you probably have a positive Tab which then would save you even more moola!
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It's a decent price for that hardware but storage space might be a concern for you. The iPhone 4S model now being offered is an 8GB model and 2 GB is used up by the OS, which only leaves you with 6 for photos, videos, games, documents, and apps. That's a bit limiting for a touch screen, app-centric smartphone like iPhones or Androids, especially since there's no microSD capability on iPhones. Just a word of warning.