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i would like to know the number of minutes I used in the last year. How can I get this info

  • 12 February 2016
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If you log into self serve you can see your last 18 months work of bills but you'll need to view each one and do some math on your own to get a total for the year.
I am prepaid. I get different rates depending on the value of the 'coupons'. I know how much I spent from the usage history but not the number of minutes. Thank you.

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Im not even sure if this can happen, but you could try calling customer support. I have no idea if they can help you get that info , but if you really want it. It may be worth the call.
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Hey Denisse! If you go into your payment history, you will be able to see all the minute boosters that you have purchased so you'll be able to calculate your minutes that way. Ex, a $25 booster will give you 500 min, a $10 booster will give you 100 min, and so on 🙂