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I want to keep my plan with Blackberry Passport

  • 16 November 2014
  • 3 replies

I already have a plan with Kodoo on a Blackberry Z10. I am planning to get the new Blackberry Passport, can I continue with my plan on Kodoo with the Passport?

3 replies

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Absolutely! They don't make you change plans just because you change phones. 🙂
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I have a Z10 as well and I am thinking of picking up the BB Passort. What are you initial thoughts on adjusting to the keyboard?
I haven't had any problems adjusting to the keyboard. So far, I love the phone and the big screen. And the gestures for the new keyboard (because is touch too) are great !! One thing I love is, using the touch keyboard I can slide a web page up and down without touching the screen, just sliding my finger up and down the keyboard and the page moves. Amazing...