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I upgraded the BlackBerry Q10 operating system last week. I got hacked last night? Did anyone else? After upgrading?

  • 19 April 2015
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6 replies

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What do you mean you got hacked exactly?
My primary email account is unavailable.
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Hi, Did you verify the settings of your e-mail account? Their is always a chance that your phone looses data when updating it's Operating System. Check to make sure the e-mail account is still there, and verify all the settings including passwords. If you keep having issues, delete the e-mail account and set it up again. Hope this helps!
The email account password was changed as was the secondary email for situations like this. Spam (resumably malware) was sent. This I know by those returned "undeliverable". I have been using the email account for +1 day without this result.
By '+1 day' I mean since I upgraded the OS.
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Try getting into your email via your computer. Are you able to access?