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i have bought new koodo sim card and i want to activate it.what should i do?

  • 6 October 2013
  • 3 replies

my phone is unlocked and i want to activate my koodo sim card.can you tell me how can i activate it?

3 replies

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Normally you can do it by logging into your Self Sere account, however currently Self Serve is unfortunately down.
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Whenever the system will be running, you would need to click here

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I'm reading this as he is not a customer yet and wants to activate a new Koodo sim card to use in an unlocked phone. If so, you need to either go in-store or call 18669956636 to activate it. You will need proper ID for a credit check (drivers license, passport, sin, credit card, etc). You cannot activate online; Koodo has decided not to allow online activations anymore