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I have a prepaid activated it is a Bberry Q5 but I can't send or receive email on wifi

I did not enter my imei during sim activation and wonder if that has screwed up my APN settings

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Are you able to send off of wifi? The q5 gets its configuration from the sim for the most part. There really isn't anything to configure . You should also power cycle your router if possible.
I can bbm and use internet but cant use email on wifi the Koodo APN should be bb,koodo.com but mine is sp.koodo.com and I think it may be because I did not enter my iemi durind Sim Activation so may not have configured APN on SIM correctly but don't see any place to ad it after the fact
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You don't need to enter your imei at activation My suggestion is to try adding the email account again And power cycle your wifi router. BlackBerry 10 users traditional apn sp.koodo.com Besides all that, your apn has nothing to do with your wifi connection