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I have a blackberry curve from a couple years back and the track pad doesn't work any more. Any idea how much it would cost to fix it ?

  • 21 August 2013
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4 replies

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Probably more than just upgrading. There are some ok deals out there now. Take a look at the Q5 or Q10
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I recently replaced an optical track pad in an 9300. Unlike the previous trackball versions (8300, etc), the 9300 is much harder to replace. The phone essentially has to be taken apart to the core. However, if you are comfortable on doing that, fixing it is pretty cheap. 10 bucks for the part on ebay.
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Yeah it's not too tough. If you order the part on ebay and have a T4/T5 screwdriver, it's a 5 min job and costs maybe $10.
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It took me about 30 minutes. the longest was trying to heat gun the screen off...which I didn't do a great job on. But it works, and will hobble along for the remainder of the 13 months it's locked in for