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I have a blackberry bold and need an international text add-on. What do I do?

I have a blackberry bold. I leave for Cuba [b]tomorrow and need an international text add-on. The one on here says it does not support the Bold. What do I do now?

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Do you use BBRY Messenger tools with your contacts? You might get by with the hotel Wi-Fi.
If you have only a few contacts who will be reaching you, you might use email to keep in contact.
You might accept incoming texts for free, and respond in a different manner.

Can you borrow a phone from a friend for the trip?

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I would suggest getting a prepaid SIM card when you get to Cuba if you can't find or borrow a phone that can support Koodo's add-ons. Otherwise, they should have a few kiosks renting them out at the airport (Keyword rent as you cannot buy a local sim card in Cuba). The Blackberry Bold is a supported device in Cuba but only for 3G. If you don't plan on using your phone too much though I would recommend just enduring the roaming charges.
Roaming charges for Cuba are as follows:
Talk: $2.50/min
Text: 60 cents/text outgoing, free incoming.
Data: $10/MB
Thank you.
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@OP: looks like your phone uses standard sim card size (which is a good thing, because I don't think they'll let you cut a rental sim card). A few bucks on eBay will get you the unlock code, assuming your phone is still carrier-locked. My understanding is that you can rent a Cubacel sim card from the hotel, and top up using various online services.