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I have a Blackberry 8530, is the phone too old to be reactivated and used ?

I have an old Blackberry 8530, I want to know if it can be reactivated, and if so can it be done online or does it have to be in store ?

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It can be, but Telus is planning to start shutting down their cdma network later this year so it won't work too much longer. If you have an active account you can swap the phone online, otherwise just call 1-866-995-6636 and follow the prompts for activations.
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As long as their CDMA service in your area. But I believe in end of March CDMA phones will be no more at which point you'd have to get another phone that uses a sim card.
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http://mobilesyrup.com/2013/10/17/telus-aims-to-shut-down-its-cdma-network-in-2015/ So apparently only BC and AB customers are affected as of March 2014 (and they will be getting letters/emails for HSPA migration offers). Looks like everyone else will have until 2015.
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Well, regardless of location, CDMA will be up in Canada until at least 2015. It is only evdo that will be shut down in BC/AB except Edmonton and Calgary. If you can live with 1x, then you got at least a year and maybe even a deal to upgrade to hspa
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Here are the steps for online activation: