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I changed my number but I need a text message the cops do from my old number same phone and plan we know the number of the phone its from

hello omfg I need someone to help me now and it's very important for the police I changed my number but 3 months ago I have evidence on a text but can't check it cause the new number what can I do????

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Can you be a little clearer please? Are you looking for evidence of your phone number change? Your bills will show that. Just login to your account on koodo's self serve and go back an see your bills from 3-4 months ago.
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There's precious little you can do on your own if you need access to the content of a particular text. See a lawyer, get a court order for cell providers to cough up the info, and maybe you can be successful, but $$$. If the police need this information, and it's to your benefit ?(??not cast in concrete, as these things take on a life of their own???) I am sure they have their own "proper" procedures . DO consult a lawyer first.
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If the police follow the proper procedure, they'll be able to find the text message. And by proper procedure, I'm talking about a court order. That is the only way to get the information of a past text message. The number doesn't matter but it seems like the police aren't actually going through the proper channels to get the information which is why they probably can't get it.
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Changing your number does not remove the text from your phone. Unless you changed phones as well. In this case just turn on your old phone and it should still be there