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I bought a blackberry curve at an auction and it says it is locked by koodo. how do I get it unlocked so I can use it

  • 10 March 2015
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7 replies

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Cellunlocker.net is my favorite
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Cellunlocker.net is my favoriteI'll second this one.
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GSMLIBERTY.COM is another great one that's very reputable from my experience.
You can go to either the sites they are suggesting or just call koodo and ask them to unlock. There generally is a fee to unlocking a phone from a company but koodo is much cheaper then most other phone companies. Before you call dial *#06# on the phone and you should get a number that is your imei # write it down and have it ready so if they ask for it you have it and don't have to call back after you get it. Good luck hope this helps
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For legacy BBs I forgot about this one: Freemyblackberry.com Free code after 24 hours or $3 USD for an instant ome
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I've used Cellunlocker a few times without any issues. I would recommend. 🙂