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I bought a blackberry bold used, how do I activate it on my koodo account? please help,,,,,,,,,,

I want to know if I can get a blackberry activated onto my koodo account, I bought it used,,,,, can someone answer my question or help?

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As long as it is unlocked and you have a compatible SIM card, there should not be a problem
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Hi there... This phone will be used for a NEW line? If yes, you will need to buy a SIM CARD and then you will be able to activate it, they can do this in the store for you, hopefully the phone is unlocked already... If all you want to do is use that phone for your existing line, just insert the SIM CARD into your phone, and if it is unlocked, it is supposed to work... (if it is not the same sim card size you already have, you will need to buy another one) Let us know...
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You may also need to change your plan to (or choose if this will be a new line) a BlackBerry specific version if you intend to use data. Older BlackBerry devices need special plans so they can connect to BlackBerry Internet Service (BIS) . There is no extra fee for these plans.