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How do I choose the right phone for me?

I feel lost. I have been a very happy Koodo client for about 7 years. I am due to get a new smartphone. I currently have an iPhone 4 and have been happy however I am open to trying other platforms. I use apps but not a tonne. I mostly use my phone for talk, text, email, facebook, listening to music and the occasional photo. I find comparing the features overwhelming... not tech savvy enough to understand kit kat vs jellybean... assistance is appreciated

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If you want to try android, recommend a Nexus phone since it is a pure android device with no additional layer added by the manufacturer (like samsung, HTC, etc). Obviously with an Android device you will now be in the Google environment instead of Apple. Most things can be transferred, but purchased apps cannot. Androids and Apple both have similar features even if they both look a little different. Apple is more about how well everything works together smoothly (however recently their software have had more bugs than usual). But it is also more restrictive. Android is the PC of phones. Lots of customizing. However things may not run as smoothly since Android does not offer as tight of a restriction on things like Apple. THis is very general explanation with many exceptions. I say try an android and see if it feels good with what you are doing. Then try a new iphone and get a feel for that too. That's why I lve the Apple store and demo models. Note that the iPhone 6 does not feel the same in your hands as the iphone 4
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Hey there Ashley! All our phones have their merits. In the end, though, the best judge for your needs is always you. You can visit any of our Koodo stores (http://koo.do/IX6h7U) and they should have demo phones available for you to try. Once you get a feel for the phone you like, they'll be happy to give you a hand with your upgrade. ________________________ If you see a good answer, give it a star.
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If you are happy with iPhone and[i] iTunes is important to you, stick with the Apple brand. You will not have to sand off the square corners of any new wheels to make things feel right. I'm saying this as a dyed-in-the-beige geekish Apple fan since before the original Macintosh in 1984 who has since migrated to Android for mobile. If you have a substantial iTunes collection, it will take you quite a while to get that loaded onto a fairly limited range of Android phones that will take a big SD card. If you want to try Android, and your needs seem to be fairly simple, go with a Galaxy Core LTE which is at the least expensive range of the Samsung Galaxy range and which will give you a taste for the family, which is pretty well an industry standard.
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I would say you will have an easier time staying with iOS if you are comfortable with it, especially if you use iTunes a lot. I've never had an iPhone but I do use an iPad and several Macs. I recently got a Windows phone, and find it surprisingly comfortable to use. Although Windows Phone doesn't have as many apps as the other platforms, all the basics are there, and the overall experience is smoother than I had with my old Android phone. It can even sync with my iTunes library on the Mac. In the Android world, Moto G is a good choice if you don't want to go with Samsung.