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How can I order on line using my friends phone

J7hinda samsung

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choose the plan you want and click on add to cart and click on the phone you want click on add to cart...  

go to your cart and finish the transaction by filling in your information and follow the online screen instructions
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Hey Chantal!

Do you want to buy a new device online or do you have your own device?

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Hello Chantal,

You can visit this link: http://koo.do/1RaNXvW if you need more information about online ordering and the shipping process.It's been over 72 hours since our last comment so we are now marking this post as assumed answered. You can continue to post, and other community users may respond. However, if you would like assistance from Koodo, please create a new discussion or send us a private message via Facebook or a direct message via Twitter. 
Thank you!