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Have: Canada wide plan on BB curve. Need: To add on a prepaid talk booster. Possible or not?

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Hey Deebs? are you a monthly customer or prepaid?
Monthly, with Canada-wide plan. Thanks for answering! <3Deebs.
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ok so because you are on a monthly plan you are not able to add on prepaid booster as they are two completely different systems. If your out of airtime you can add on unlimited anytime minutes for $20 every month and then cancel when you feel that you don't need the add on anymore, or just change your plan to a unlimited Canada wide plan
That's what I'd suspected. So the $20 unlimited anytime minutes would be pro-rated, right? If I only use it for 1.5 billing cycles before I remove the add-on, it would only charge approx: $30 between the two months. Thanks hippie
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