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"handsfree dialling"

Can you voice dial or handsfree dial on an android in the car without a DATA PLAN?
Just gave up my Blackberry Curve for an android, Alcatel Idol 3. Both with Talk and Text only, no data plan. I use the phone in the car extensively and need a safe way to dial. Blackberry had 1 button to activate voice dialling built into phone.

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Voice dialling is different than google-assisted, or siri-assisted (iphone) dialling/calling/texing/use which would require a data plan. You can certainly voice dial without a data plan, but anything more then no 
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If you use a Bluetooth headset, normally a 1 second push on the call/answer button will trigger the phone to enter voice dial mode.

If you have a car with Bluetooth enabled look for a phone button on your steering wheel.

If you don't have a Bluetooth headset. I highly recommend you get one. Stay away from the cheaper models though. A good quality headset should run you about 60$ or more.

On a side note, I'm not sure the idol 3 is capable doing this offline. I have one and I've tried turning my data off and the phone tries to use google services (data) before making the call.