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good job

ied like to thank koodo for all they have done its nice to have a tab to help play off my phone and other things that it dose. i have a blackberry for about three years and havent had a problem and it be nice to upgrade but i didnt know when or how i could i got to get a new phone as mine will run out soon i like your plans and phones it be nice if you had a little more selection for phones. i also like how you get texts to your phone about your bill coming up it makes it alot easyer for the reminder and have lots of time for the notice before you half to pay it. i like the plan i have its nice to have caller id and voice mail for free other phone companies dont have that.

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About the new phone. If you don't like any of Koodo offerings, you can always purchase a phone from else where and get it unlocked.
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Regarding getting e-bill notification just login to your self serve and subscribe to getting notification on your email.
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