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G4 signal coverage

The G4 signal coverage with my BB Q5 really sucks!! I had better signal coverage with G2 & G3 with my BB Curve!!! Now I cant get a signal in areas I could before. I thought G4 was supposed to be IMPROVED signal coverage!!! So what gives anything I can do about this???

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LTE signal is typically weaker than 3G, as LTE is using a higher frequency which doesn't penetrate building well. The 700Mhz auction happened earlier this year, and is slowly be deployed. That signal will go further and better in building coverage. Myself, I have turned off LTE for now unless I'm tethering.
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Yeah, LTE is better for data speeds but it's not as widespread or strong as 3G is. We're not quite at VoLTE yet so unless you want slightly faster data speeds, you don't even have to use it - 3G is good enough unless you can't wait a few extra seconds to load a webpage.