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Frustrated with Koodo as we won't be receiving our $25 via "Refer a Friend" because of misinformation byKoodo

A colleague of Koodo at a Koodo booth told us that we can redeem credit from your "Refer a Friend" program after creating an account. It turns out that this information is incorrect resulting in us not having the credit we thought we'd have after receiving wrong information from Koodo. I tried calling within the due date of the first payment and was told you wouldn't be receiving any money back. I have the email that was sent and the account information of both people involved. I am extremely frustrated with the fact that Koodo is refusing to reimburse us with credit that we thought we would have because of misinformation on their part. I very disappointed and will not recommend the "Refer a Friend" program to anyone as it seems that that your colleagues working at your booths don't know how it works and your support teams aren't willing to rectify the mistakes.

Very unhappy, I really did expect better.

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Hi there. I can't say that I can't recommend the promo to others. I've benefited from it, even referred myself adding multiple lines. To my knowledge, to have the credit applied "after the fact" the only way I know of would be by calling in or contacting Koodo Refer a Friend via their webform.
Give it a shot, see what they say.
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titaniumtux wrote:

Hi there. I can't say that I can't recommend the promo to others. I've benefited from it, even re...

You need to contact the referral department, normal Koodo reps won't be able to help you out.
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Can you tell us which information the rep gave you was incorrect?
When did you apply for  "Refer-a-Friend"?

Also, when you create your "Refer-a-Friend"account, small window popped up and you have to check on "I have read and agree to the program"...
Did you use the program by this rules?