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Friggin amazing!

Don't understand how I can get such a good deal on things, but I love it.

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What deal?
The deal where I get 400 minutes and 1gb of data for $45/mth when I was paying $65 for 200 minutes (long distance extra) and 500mb data with telus.
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Oh I'm in that same mindset! I'm paying $60 a month for unlimited incoming and weekends, unlimited messaging, 250 minutes, caller ID, VM, and 6Gb of Data. My old plan with Telus was $91 for only a gig of data, 150 minutes (incoming and outgoing), unlimited weekends, 500 outgoing international texts, 3 voice mail and caller ID. I say Koodo wins!
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Hey Caleb, we're glad that you are enjoying our plans 🙂.