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Free Wi-Fi at Koodo Shops

I think one of the ways Koodo could seriously come ahead is if they made the experience of going to get their phone upgraded as painless as possible. Although the Kiosk is convenient sometimes, it's a real hassle when there's a lot of people there.

I'm imaging a couple ways this could be done.

1) Free wifi around the area of the kiosk so that when you're waiting in line and if you can, you can access the net without paying for data. Making a customer feel appreciated goes along way and word of mouth; "hey look how good koodo treated me!" is excellent marketing. 
2) for long waits, make it so it's a ticket draw system, as in taking a number and going to sit down. Combine this with the free wifi and you'll have people actually kind of enjoying going to get their phone serviced because if they went to a coffee shop prior, they'd be able to sit and wait and even maybe surf the net. If they're happy and positive about the experience it would be easier also to up sell them on items as well.

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Interesting Lauren, thanks for your idea!
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Lauren, are you sure your local mall doesn't already offer free WiFi all over the place? Where I live, you simply log in to the city-deployed WiFi network and the mall is covered by this. Since Koodo kiosks are inside malls most of the time, maybe your idea is already in place and you were not aware 😉
Thanks for the reply David! unfortunately no, my mall doesn't. The tim hortons does but its out of range to recieve it! Didn't realize some places were that far ahead! The future is now!
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Lauren Oliver wrote:

Thanks for the reply David! unfortunately no, my mall doesn't. The tim hortons does but its out ...

Well, WiFi is so ubiquitous nowadays that I systematically thought your local mall had it's own up and running. Sorry about that 😞 In that case, full steam ahead with your idea!
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What I'd like to add to David's comment : I totally agree with you that most mall do offer free wi-fi. And I don't really see the usage you'd have to browse wifi before waiting to be served. What I'd like to see is faster serving times instead of free wi-fi for waiting customers and instead, bring Koodo HOTSPOTS in important spots in the city. Downtown, big venues, etc. Like that, people know what is Koodo (<< Read as marketting idea) and it offers subscribes customers to enjoy wifi in those spots. This is something big In Europe. You see orange (mobile carier) hotspots everywhere in the city and as a subscriber to them, you get free wifi at thos hotspots! Oh and in Canada too!

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David said: "you simply log in to the city-deployed WiFi network" How civilized! Most places I have been it is driven by the data-gathering interests of the commercial enterprise in which I am then located.