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Forgot user id and password recovery answer for Blackberry

Hello, I forgot my user id. Password and recovery answer for blackberry. Do I have to go through my Koodo service provider to get all of that information again through RIM? Or is there another way. Sorry I do have id but not password and recovery answer. Thanks. Dave

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You're probably going to have to contact BB Koodo likely doesn't have access to reset your ID / password
If you contact BB they might not be able to help since you will be asked for some code that koodo does not have. Check if you still have the confirmation e-mail BB sent you when your BB account was first set up. If it was deleted it should be in the email provided as a back up. There you will be able to find the username and with that the password can be reset.
Thanks for all your info. We finally figured out the recovery answer to the recovery question. Whew. Hours at the computer. Thanks all who may reply. Dave