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For the Travellers out there: How about some better options for travel packs?

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I've had a LOT of customers that want a North America plan but were unimpressed by the travel add-ons. Telus has $25 50min 50MB 150txt (overage rate of $0.50/MB $0.50/min) Koodo has $35 40 min 40MB 400 txt (overage rate of $0.38/MB $0.38/min) How about these for Travel Combos: $38 "US Mini Travel Combo" - 50min 50MB 500txt (over: $0.38/min $0.38/MB) $48 "US Lite Travel Combo" - 150min 150MB 1000txt (over: $0.48/min $0.48/MB) $68 "US Mega Travel Combo" -300min 300MB Unltd txt (over: $0.68/min $0.68/MB) Would that work?

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Probably not. Great Ideas, though. +1
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They did have that "focus group" thread asking for feedback on roaming packages a few months back, and we ARE getting close to the time of year when I would expect any changes to roaming plans to start appearing. Wonder if we'll see some in the next couple of months?
Or maybe unlimited talk for 10 unlimited text for 5 and unlimited data for 25 a month. If you choose they all maybe it could be 25. Wind has unlimited talk text and data for 15 a month in the states. No sure what the speeds are though.
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Hi DataHog, I'm sure you're aware of this, but we launched a new set of roaming add-ons recently. It's not what you had proposed, but we think these add-ons cater to a wider audience as well as make sense to our business: https://shop.koodomobile.com/plans/add-ons/index.html Sumaya
I would like better / clearer international travel coverage outside Canada/ USA
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Carol Molyneaux wrote:

I would like better / clearer international travel coverage outside Canada/ USA

Koodo does not operate any network outside of the country. It is all based on local network providers in the country you are in.