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Flexible tab options

The idea is that we give folks, in particular students the ability to choose a tab charge they would like to apply during the contract process and it would give real time feed back during activation as to exactly how long before they are eligible for a full upgrade again.

For example it some one wanted to sign in on a tab small they should be able to choose between a $5,$10 or $15 tab charge so that they may be eligible for an upgrade after 18 months or 12 month instead of 24.

Keep the basics for the average consumer but offer everyone the option. This would go even farther to distinguish koodo as one of the top carriers by giving customers to reduce the term even farther. plus most consumers are more comfortable to pay a little extra on their bill as opposed to keeping the same phone for even 2 years. this same principal would also work for the tab medium and tab large folks as well.considering you already have tab charges in place it shouldn't take too much to create the ability to have this "Flex Tab" option.

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