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Koodo needs to fix the Tab system, instead of making it manditory to have Tab Large plans koodo could instead make it so that you have to have a monthly plan that exceeds a minimum cost before taxes. What i would do is -Tab Small: $30 -Tab Medium: $45 -Tab Large: $65 Monthly tab would change so -Tab Small:$5 -Tab Medium:$10 -Tab Large: $15 (15% on tab still applies) only difference is the tab is paid off earlier (figures include minimum cost associated and amount of months is rounded to nearest whole number) -Tab Small:16 months on tab small -Tab Medium: 18 month on tab medium Tab Large:21 months on tab large

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Not a bad idea, but Koodo's generally been about letting people take any plans they want just by paying that higher amount upfront. I can already tell you that the Tab L one you proposed won't happen because they already said no.