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Finding International Calling Rates, currently it is difficult.

  • 17 October 2014
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- Currently, to find int'l calling rates from Canada to other countries is through: KOODO web page; Why KOODO; Coverage; Pay-Per-Use International Long Distance; Coverage, Long Distance and Travelling; Long Distance. [ Such a toiling long way]. 
- Your mobile phone service is getting popular and users increasing fast. Int'l calling is on increase too. BUT going to the desired page is difficult, not user friendly and confusing. The last step: " Long Distance" appears rather irrelevant. 'International Long Distance' could have been more suggestive to requirement. 
- I suggest, The Int'l Calling Feature/Rate Button should appear on first web page even without login. 
- I always used to get lost. Yesterday, 16 Oct, 2014,  I contacted your Cx-Svc Rep and discussed this suggestion. I'm sure it will be liked by user community and positively affect your service. 
Niaz Kiyani

2 replies

I second this person’s comments.  Clearly in four years it has not gotten any easier.  

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I normally type “Koodo long distance rate” into Google search. the 1st result would show Koodo LD page https://www.koodomobile.com/en/help/long-distance-calling

If you want to promote an idea you could create a “Idea thread” where other customers can vote on your idea. If many customers vote on it, Koodo might implement.