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family and friend share plans

it be nice to see koodo offering plans where family members and friends can share for a certain price bell canada has it sample for 60 dollars a month upto  9 family members can share unlimited talk and text nationwide on 9 different phones one price 9 phones it would also be awesome if koodo offered mobile tv on their devices even some older devices

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I hope you are aware that is $60 EACH line ($50 for a "lite" phone, $40 if you do SIM-only/MTM) and that's not including any data, data starts at $20 for 500MB shared all the way up to 15GB. Basically the same system applies for Rogers and Telus, too. I guess the advantage is you can add a Tablet for $10 and share the data pool OR do their data flex plan, up to 5GB for $40 last time I checked. Mobile TV is a Bell/Virgin exclusive feature, Rogers Anyplace TV is absolutely worthless and doesn't even work with the One I had when it was a Rogers device, Telus only has Optik TV out in western Canada so you won't be seeing any mobile version of that in the east and Koodo doesn't currently have a big enough market/demand for it. Although to be fair, family/shared plans seems to be an increasingly requested feature. I would definitely like to see some of add-line incentives, a 10% monthly discount would be a good idea, no? Fido and Virgin offered it before, I feel like it could become permanent eventually...