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Fall Cleanup

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Koodo needs to update their selection of phones badly, getting the M8 was a good start now they need to ditch the older phones ( I.e the galaxy S3, and the Alcatel OneTouch) and replace them with better alternatives. personally id choose the following phones to get - Note 3 (in fairness koodo is the only child brand, i.e Virgin, Bell Fido to carry a galaxy Note) also seeing as how the Note line is mainly updated during Samsung's IFA event (which is usually in September) Hopefully Koodo can get the Note 3 in hopefully Black and White - LG G2 ( I don't want to speculate but its surprising that Telus doesn't carry one LG smartphone, and with the G3 coming out hopefully ) - Blackberry Q10 and Z30 (in fairness wheres the love for Blackberry) - Nokia Lumia 1020 ( Its $549 at full cost, with a great camera), 930 and 1520 ( there should be at least 3 phones per OS), Each of them would be around 600 ish dollars, RoBellUs dont offer any good windows phones. So there you go Koodo do some back to school cleaning and restock on some phones.

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Note 3 would be tough since none of the other flanker brands have it and Telus probably wants to keep it to themselves for the time being. G2 I totally agree; get rid of any old Telus stock. Price it around $500 or so and watch it fly off the shelf! Q10 was discontinued a long time ago due to poor sales. Z30 is a great phone, it would be cool to see it on Koodo. Lumia 1020? Eh, I can't see it selling very well. The 1520 is like a unicorn in Canada and it's ridiculously large to begin with. The Galaxy Mega flopped, imagine if you're using a Windows version of it... it would almost be like a smaller Surface that can call and text. In that case, it would be awesome - to the 3% of the population that uses Windows Phone.
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Thanks Jonathan, i should have been more specific with the Note 3 koodo would sell the Note 3 after telus starts selling the Note 4 and i dont see the G2 offered on Telus at all so why not get the G3 and G2 together.
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Dropping the Alcatel Onetouch is not such a great idea. Some customers don't like/trust smartphones and Koodo needs to offer something for those guys.
Great to hear from you, Mohamed. Thanks for the feedback! To Jonathan's point, some of the devices you mentioned above are older and were discontinued for a variety of reasons. We always keep an eye on newer devices from all platforms and try to pick the ones that will be the best fit and meet the needs of our customers.
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Grover, the reason i said older phones it was because i figured Koodo wouldn't carry the newer models so go with the older models.
I read all the time that koodo should "get with it" and be the same as Telus and Bell and the other big guys . I could be wrong here but years ago when I switched to Koodo I was under the impression that this company was built to help the little or medium callers that wanted a little easier price, and that is what I see Koodo is a great company and great prices yes they may not have to top of the line phones all the time but if you want the big boy toys go play with the big boy companies.
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So those phones you said to get rid of are there to appeal to a different customer. While the Alcatel isn't going to be a huge seller, its there for the people who don't want a smartphone, and really just want something for emergency use. And the S3 is probably one of the top selling phones right now. You have to remember not all people want the newest top of the line phones, some people would rather go with phones that are free on tab small or medium.
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Mark Kokolsky wrote:

So those phones you said to get rid of are there to appeal to a different customer. While the Alc...

I agree with this but only to an extent. In my mind, the S3 has outlived it's usefulness. It's 2 years old already and needs to be officially phased out by ways of an S4 price drop.