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Facebook and Twitter App on Blackberry not working

I have a Blackberry 9900 with Koodo and last week I went to Cuba so I kept my phone shut off for the week to avoid roaming charges. But since I got back and turned my phone back on, my Facebook and Twitter apps are only working if I have Wifi on. This has never happened before and I tried deleting the apps and re-installing them but it didn't help at all. I have the Canada-Wide 25 plan, with the Blackberry Social and Unlimited Messaging add-ons. Can anyone suggest why this would be happening or what I can do to fix it?

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go to options->device->advanced system settings->host routing table, press the bb menu button and click register now. then restart your phone.
That didn't help. 😞
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That didn't help. 😞 Is your data on? Settings -> mobile network -> data services should be "ON"