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Englishman to Canadian cell (Mobile) phones & plans !!!

This is easy to me.  Moving to Canada from England has been a big change to me and my family but the one biggest change we have all found is the difference in cell phone plans.
We are so used to having available to us a decent amount (unlimited !) of data within our plans and then coming to Canada and having a very limited amount that we have had to completely change the way we use and deal with our cell phones.
I'm not saying that every plan should have unlimited data but feel the costs cannot be justified compared to other countries and their data allowances.
I believe any provider that starts to give a decent amount of data as standard (750 Mb ?) would have a lot of people signing up for new contracts as more and more people are using their phones as part of their lives.

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Well, welcome to Canada! To play devils advocate for a minute, we do have a very large landmass to cover and cell towers aren't cheap to build and maintain. I still think there's too big of a markup on the current plans, though. I feel like it could go down once all the new spectrum auction BS goes away.
Cell towers are something the company needs, and if the company want to grow they need to put them up, you can not honestly want us to believe that Koodo / Telus do not make enough profit that they could not invest, with all the money the gov invest I am sure prices could be allot cheaper then what they are.