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Don't breakup with BlackBerry, Koodo! I love you both!

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Dear Koodo

You're great. I love you. I would never go back to any other provider. They all suck (especially their customer service).

But Koodo, you need to carry the Blackberry Passport. We've been in this titillating three-way for years now, and I'm loving it!

It's the only phone available that has a keyboard. That's a big deal to a lot of us that have fidgety thumbs.

I was considering dropping my old BlackBerry to switch to an Android, but when I heard of all the great features of the Passport, why would I ever want to?

It has all the key features for business and productivity. And has a lot of other apps. It's perfect!

I also want a phone that doesn't die every 8 hours, because I'm constantly on it for work.

I want one. And I don't want to break up with you, Koodo. We've been together for so long, we have history!

And what I can see from the forums and a scan of social, there's plenty of people that want one too.

Please bring the Passport to all the fine Koodonians (is that a term you use? It should be :)) out there. We love you. And a lot of us love BlackBerry too!

Kiss and make up, please 🙂



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I agree. I own a new(old) BB Bold and it is the first BB phone I have ever had. Previously I had a Samsung Galaxy so in so many ways this phone is going backwards but I was in a poor position to buy another $700 phone( I have this need to own my phones). My Samsung quit(no screen) so I bought this one off the prepaid rack for $149. I love having a real keyboard. No more accidental misspells from hovering my shaky old fingers too close to the screen. The phone also feels solid if you know what I mean. I think if dropped it might survive. Not so with the big screen Samsung. My phones need to survive my clumsiness and so far this little phone is a keeper even when I sat my big arse on it and butt dialed someone in some country who was mad as hell at me in what I think was Spanish! Wonder what that bill's gonna be. I set up screen lock as of that little incident! Anyway, Telus, keep supporting a great Canadian Phone Creator and I will support you by buying your product. My next phone when I have the coin will be whatever top of the line phone BB has as of then.
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I want one too... But I'm actually with Telus so I might grab it from them at Christmas time when it'll be cheaper.
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I agree.  For a longtime Koodo customer like me currently using a BlackBerry Curve 8520, and has a positive Tab balance, I am looking at BlackBerry Operating 10 models.  However, unfortunately Koodo has none of them listed on their website.

I love the new BlackBerry Passport.

Koodo's parent company Telus sells the Passport, so it shouldn't be too difficult for Koodo to sell them as well.

If Koodo refuses to stock the Passport, and I end up having to purchase a Passport elsewhere, I will likely end up switching mobile providers as well.
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I completely agree. The Passport is an amazing device and nothing like its predecessors. Three times now it has sold out within hours of being available. BlackBerry stepped their game up with the Passport. The innovation in it is mesmerizing. I highly recommend reading CrackBerry's review on it because it goes into detail of all the features of the Passport and 10.3
I, too, would buy a passport in a minute if I hadn't just bought my BB Bold. Ah well by the time I can afford one they will be old news but still an absolutely great device. The screen is big enough on them to make phone numerals big enough for me as well, Ha, Ha.