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Does the International LD Saver Save me money while Roaming?

  • 2 April 2015
  • 3 replies

When I signed up for Intl LD saver, I got a better LD rate while traveling in the Europe. That was one of the deciding factors for choosing Koodo.

The last time I was in Europe I was charged $1.50/min and there don't appear to be any add-ons for Europe/International like there are for the US. Is there a better rate available while roaming internationally? At $1.50/min and $5/Mb I will have to turn my phone off while traveling.

3 replies

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The international LD saver only gives you saving when you call from Canada, not while roaming outside.
That's what I feared. I am pretty sure this used to be different when I signed up with Koodo. One important critera for choosing a mobile provider was their international roaming rates. Why are there add-ons for France, UK, Hongkong and China, but not for other places, e.g. Germany?
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Hey Rita,

The only Roaming add-ons we have are for the United States, Mexico and the Carribean area.

The other options you mentioned (LD Saver, Ultd. Long Distance to France, China, UK etc.) are available only for calls placed from Canada to those particular countries.

Furthermore, you can find our roaming rates by following this link http://koo.do/Im7Mcg, and choosing “Travelling outside of these locations”. 

Thank you!