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Does the BlackBerry Motion model sold by Koodo have FM Radio?

  • 30 June 2018
  • 2 replies

Does the BlackBerry Motion model sold by Koodo have an enabled FM tuner and the radio app?

2 replies

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Looking at the manufacturers site, the BB Motion does not have FM radio listed as an option. FM radio is listed for both the BB KEYone and KEYtwo and include an FM radio app listed under 'Other Applications'. 


Key1 & Key2 - Heading: Networks & connectivity - FM Radio



Checked a couple of variants; model BBD100-2 (Canada, US, LATAM), likely the model Koodo sells, and BBD100-6 (EMEA & APAC - Dual SIM - Global).There are other variants, some of which are assigned exclusively to U.S. carriers. Neither of the two variants list FM radio as an option.


There is talk that the FM chip can be accessed through a test program, suggesting that an FM chip is present. Others suggest that a firmware upgrade would be necessary to allow for full FM radio functionality.