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Does Koodo have a Blackberry upgrade from the Curve?

I have the Curve and i really like the Blackberry. I want to upgrade but it shows me no other options for BlackBerry.

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At this time, unfortunately no. You may pick up a device from shopblackberry.com, which will work with Koodo. Then apply for no tab discount
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Koodo sold the Z10, Q10, and Q5 once upon a time. But they didn't sell all that well.
I suggest you consider a BB10 device. If you liked your older BB you will love the new ones. Unlike the old Blackberries, they don't require a special BB plan and the new phones are better in every respect. They can be gotten at a reasonable price either new or used. I bought a barely used factory unlocked Z10 from a neighbor to upgrade from a Curve, slid my sim into it, and it immediately worked perfectly on the Koodo network. You can go for a keyboard phone or not; your choice.
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http://store.shopblackberry.com/store?Action=DisplayHomePage&Locale=en_CA&SiteID=bbrryus http://www.staples.ca/en/Cell-Phones/BlackBerry/cat_CL204499_2-CA_1_20001?fids=4214939646