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Does $52 plan data work with BB Curve?

While trying to change plan on my Koodo Selfserve majority of plans have (BB) next to them, but not the $52 one. I currently have a non existing plan for $60, which is the same as $62 except I have 2GB data, now I don't use 2GB and 1GB under the $52 will be more then sufficient for me. The thing is I don't want to change to lower data plan without being sure it will actually work with my Curve. Thanks in advance.

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I would definetly call in and speak to a rep about this (*611) from your Koodo phone. Don't take the risk by choosing that one. Call in and let them know there is no option to choose the BlackBerry specific plan and to see if they can do it from their side. They won't charge you since this is an issue beyond your control. Note: Any BlackBerry 10 device (Q10, Q5, Z10, Z30) don't need to have a BB plan. It's only older BlackBerry's running OS 7
Ahmad wrote:

I would definetly call in and speak to a rep about this (*611) from your Koodo phone. Don't take ...

I'm aware of BB10 not needing BIS. See the Curve 9360 is used by a person on my account, a while back they had amazing plan. During the days Koodo offered unlimited talk + 50 txts for $35. The plan along with $10 add-on for data was around $50. But then I suggested this person gives Android a try, so I switched the data on the plan to Android compatible data, thus they got 500MB for same price as 150MB on BB. They did not like Android and wanted to go back to BB, and this is where I was told can't happen because Koodo no longer offers that BB data add-on. As a long time customer I was bit crushed to learn no one wanted to do anything. So I was forced to move away from what used to be $50 to $60, and ended up biting $11 each month difference out of my own pocket. So I will definitely call in to double check with Koodo HQ, since I don't want to cause any more chaos. Other then that I need to call Koodo and ask for 10% discount as I have cleared the Tab of the device, thus I can save a bit 🙂 Thanks for response. I wasn't sure so I did not make the changes on the account, will simply wait till tomorrow and ring-up the HQ see what they say about the plan and why its missing (BB).
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It could just be a glitch where it's not showing up. Why don't you select the plan you want to switch to but before you confirm anything, see if there's a provisioning code in the "features you gain" section?