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didnt get notification

Data notification messages, did get a text notifying that I had reached max data. Only received a message after using an additional $10 of data.

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If you're not on a plan with a specific data bucket but rather on a plan which uses the data saver function you actually dont have a "MAX" . The system will just start alerting you that you're spending money on data. Now, If you ARE on a specific plan that does have a bucket and overage charges, you shoud have gotten a text message at 75% and 90% of your data bucket. If you didn't get those messages and the rest of this is true, contact koodo customer service and report it becuase something may be wrong with the system.
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Hi there... As Chad said, if your plan has a flexible Data plan, you will not get any data alerts... But if your plan does have data, the you will receive the alerts at 75% and 95%. But the interesting thing here is, the alerts are a courtesy from Koodo to help you out to have a steady bill every month, but these data alerts DO NOT replace the usage of Koodo Self Service where you have access to monitor your Data all the time... My suggestion to you is, get the APP and check it more often to avoid going over, and also remember that the information you see on the Self Serve regarding usage has a delay of a couple of hours... If you do not have access to Self Service, you can always call customer service and they will be more than happy to create a profile for you!
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The usage calculator is updated every three hours, approximately. If, by chance, you're anywhere between 0 and 74% of the data bucket at interval A then go past 100% usage before it's time for interval B you won't get the 75% or 95% warnings because you're already past them. It's unfortunate, but no system is efficient enough to update in real time as of yet.
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Get a Data Manager Application. You can set them to give you notifications when it reaches to certain percentages. It's not Koodo's responsibility to manage your data usage.