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It would be great if Koodo could offer a "Demo" program, similar to when I go to a tennis shop to demo a raquet. When you go to buy a phone, have a couple of demo units of each one so that someone can try them for say 3 days. You would keep the same SIM card and just move it between a few demo units you want to try. This would help promote phones that are great, but people don't want to commit to without trying it for a few days. I know I can return my phone if I don't use it over a certain amount, but if I already have or commit to a plan (with a SIM), it would be great to be able to try a phone. I would pay $5 to demo a phone, that $5 could then go towards payment of a phone. Try before you buy! You will get people trying the less popular but great phones. I would think many of the manufacturers would want to support Koodo with demo units.

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How would they enforce this to ensure nobody is taking them indefinitely? Take peoples IDs and account information and contact them after 3 days? Sounds like a big liability...
You limit the demo duration (say 5 days). If they don't return the phone after the demo period, they would be charged for the phone. They would get multiple text messages as reminders. If they want to extend the demo period, they would be charged another $5 demo fee (again could go towards the eventual purchase). Yes, Koodo would take a credit card, just like when you sign up for the service. That's how Koodo would manage their liability... they could even do what car rental or hotels do on credit cards which is put a "hold/approval" on the card for $500 without putting the charge through unless the phone isn't returned.