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Have an optional feature to shut down data usage if it spikes, such as when a user accidentally watched Netflix over cellular bc they were disconnected from wifi. The value used should be able to be changed by the user.

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In newer versions of Android you can configure this in the settings. I was looking for a way to do this on my phone but discovered I can't because my version of Android is too old... If you really want a hard cap on data, go prepaid.
This is not the same thing. What you are describing is a way to prevent overuse from the user end. If it is done from the company end, changeable ideally through self serve, then it could not only support phones that don't have this feature but also prevent people's kids from using too much data. Ideally it could be a free feature to show Koodo cares about its customers. Pay as you go is comparing an apple to an orange, so I won't touch on this.