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Data Usage Question/Complaint

  • 18 June 2017
  • 5 replies

Why am I suddenly seeing significant data usage (50+ mb at a time) at hours of the day (2am, 5am) when I am not even awake, no browsers are open and I have made no changes to my settings?  Phone is a Blackberry Classic.

5 replies

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It could be a number of things, updates, downloads, with only 50MB of data being used it could simply be background data from an app that wasnt closed. If it is consistantly happening I would suggest turning off your data before you go to bed to prevent this.
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Do you run a lot of Android apps? Bb10 is better about it but it isn't immune to Android running in the background even if you do nothave any active frames.
Thanks Allan and Goran for you prompt replies.  Yeah, I've noticed that if I forget to close an app it can consume data in the background, but it didn't happen in these cases.  I was wondering, too, if it was updates but really can't tell.  Finally, I don't have a lot of apps in general, and they're all set not to run when minimized. I almost never get any data consumption warnings, and this period I got a 50% warning within less than two weeks. Hmmm.  Now that I've noticed I'll continue to keep an eye on it.  Thanks again.
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Thanks Allan and Goran for you prompt replies.  Yeah, I've noticed that if I forget to close...Be sure to go into settings, data management, and it'll tell you what used how much data and when. Bb10 has a very robust native solution.
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Things like Gmail and other Google services will remain running and suck data and battery life even if they are "closed" If you go to Settings-Apps and click on an app it should tell you just how much its using then decide if you want to disable it or not. I disabled majority of the Google services on my old phone and just the battery life alone extended by over a day let alone the data savings