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Its day two of my billing cycle. I'm surfing Google maps for directions to a new destination. A text appears from Koodo, its telling me I have used 75% of my included data. I scramble for directions and frantically begin to write down street names, when the 95% useage text comes in. Then before I know it, I've used all my data on day two. I don't have a big data plan, only 200mb, but in today's world of social media and managing your whole life online, I'm beginning to find 200mb just isn't enough. I don't need to a big heavy data plan, but I also don't want to be changing my whole plan every time my need for data changes, or paying for pay per use. We all know how quickly the bills stack up then. My idea is to have monthly add on options for data. Maybe $5, $10, or even $15. It should be more affordable than pay per use and not require anyone to change their plan. I know most plans are fairly similar but I tend to get attached to my plan because it suits me perfectly. I would prefer to have the option of customizing my data. Or perhaps an even better option is to be able to build your own plan from the ground up. Put a price on every option out there, and have customers pick what's important to them. I have caller ID, but maybe I'd rather substitute caller ID for more data. A teenager can then choose text and data and pay only for data and text. Where an HR person can choose caller ID, voicemail, call waiting, conference calling, ect. And maybe have very little data because they will have a computer. I dont know if two ideas are allowed but the creative juices started flowing! Either of these ideas is a winner because theore choice people have, the happier they are, who don't like to customize?

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