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Coverage in Iqaluit

  • 10 March 2015
  • 2 replies

Hello, I am presently working up in Iqaluit for a few weeks. I have a Blackberry Q10 and have been with Koodo for years. On your website, you show that Iqaluit has 4G (HSPA/LTE) coverage but no matter what I can do, I can only pick up a Bell signal and my phone reads "Emergency calls only". Kinda disappointed in the mis-information as I would have made alternate plans if I knew the coverage was different or not completely accurate. Is there a solution?

2 replies

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I'd call (from another phone) koodo customer care. If you can pick up bell, then you should be able to use Koodo
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I'm pretty sure you can just use the bell signal as telus/bell thus koodo have network sharing agreements. See if you can connect to the signal you can get. You won't have any roaming charges with koodo in Canada, so no need to worry about that.