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  • 3 March 2015
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I am an international student, I bought koodo postpaid line which the customer service failed to explain to me how it works, after receiving some international calls in 3weeks, I was informed that my line is blocked, that am owning $205, I plead with koodo to consider me, that am not working, but they insisted I should $105 for my line to be reactivated, which I did last December, I decided to go back to prepared with the same Koodo, am suppose to pay $35 monthly but they are charging me $40, I thought they are taking the remaining $100 by $5 monthly, but am suprised I received a letter today dated Feb 18, telling me that I owned Kodoo $296, I can't just imagine them frustrating my life, now am trying to call their customer service, but was informed another $5 charge to do so. How did I accumulate these money when am using prepared and also paying more than my monthly charge. Please

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The 5$ charge is only if you ask Koodo to make a change in your account that you could have made yourself via self serve. We don't have account access here. And you'll need to speak with a rep You can verify with the Rep that you won't be charged.