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Certified Pre-Owned Phones

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Currently, the only certified pre-owned phones offered on Koodo's website are the the Samsung Galaxy Discover and LG-A34. I've seen posts on forums such as Red Flag Deals that were advertising Koodo certified pre-owned Blackberry z10's for $140. (http://www.redflagdeals.com/deal/cell-phones/koodo-mobile-certified-pre-owned-blackberry-z10-140-hot/) Is it best to go into a Koodo store to see a bigger selection of pre-owned phones? Or is the website listing the most current?

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I would think the selection varies from store to store but this is just a guess. The best way is to call your local kiosk and ask about the availability of certified pre-owned phones of any models you want 🙂
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I am going to do exactly that! Thanks!