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Cell Phones not Just for Teens. Talking Instructions

Teenagers are not the only one's who use cell phones. The problem nowadays is that most cell owners age 35 and above still look for instruction guides to tell them how to use their phone. As you know there are no more paper guides, they are on the phone, but most users of that age bracket do not even know how to find the instruction booklet on their phone. My idea is to propose that you use Siri or Galaxy or any of the voice activated help on the phone, and it be linked with the instructions. For example if you push the button for Galaxy and ask for phone instructions... then an interactive list that you could see on your phone and you could push the pop ups. All the different help ideas are there and instead of reading the help... your phone could talk you through it and show you on your phone at the same time. So it's not just a reading issue so that it would hit all demographics of society some people can barely read but they have a cell and they would rather have the phone talk to them and show them how to use it. I think this could be a huge selling factor for Koodo.

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Great idea but I think this idea is for the actual phone manufacturer